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From the Principal’s Desk

Mrs. Tessy S


“I am not a teacher, but an awakener”
- Robert Frost

We look upon the school as a temple of learning. It is here, where we nurture our child’s intellectual, emotional and physical wellbeing to transform them into happy and complete human beings.

As a child, I was fascinated and awed with the professional mannerism of the teaching fraternity. Being a daughter to a successful head mistress of a school, cemented my love for education. I learnt a great deal about education theories, methods and values owing to my mother and working as a lecturer in the beginning of my career gave me a holistic perspective of this field.

I am a staunch believer in the motto of our school that ‘Each child is a new thought of God’. It is a fact that every student has a special potential, which can be augmented with patience and right nurturing.

At SJHS, we concentrate our energies on child development where it matters. it is important for children to have the best schooling experience. We create an environment where students are stimulated to put their best foot forward, while giving them the space to grow at their own individual and creative pace. Our intent is to make a difference in tomorrow’s citizens by empowering today’s children, little by little..

Our school has been accredited by the CISCE board up to Grade 10. The CISCE format of education is class apart. It provides a very strong foundation in the initial years and it has lasting impact on children in later stages. The skills, knowledge, attitude that a child develops at the inception stage help them in the years to come. The CISCE pattern creates a wholesome educational experience. The curriculum is theme based, child centric, sequential and integrated, which blends seamlessly with our school’s philosophy.

With CISCE curriculum, our education system is at par with the educational systems world over. The new techniques incorporated by the council in relation to curriculum, teaching technique, evaluation pattern etc. act as benchmarks for other education systems in the country.

As an integral part of our curriculum, we encourage children to be sensitive to the society around them and be responsible citizens. This is done through community skilling initiatives such as cleanliness drives, green initiatives and contributions.

We also put a lot of emphasis on developing life skills for our students that cultivate psychosocial competencies and interpersonal skills that help our students make informed decisions, solve problems, think critically and creatively, communicate effectively build healthy relationships, empathize with others and cope with managing their lives in a healthy and productive manner.

The management and trustees have a very broad vision towards education and are always motivated to introduce and implement new practices, techniques and state-of-the-art infrastructure. The team puts in their best efforts each day in order to help the children; this shows in our academic and non-academic triumphs.