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Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

A child’s schooling and home environment play an equally important role in shaping their formative years. Having a robust and active PTA in our school is a step to ensuring that parents and teaching staff may cooperate intelligently towards the welfare of our children.

A strong Parent Teacher Association benefits everyone. More than 85 intensive research studies conducted over 40 years show that students perform much better when parents show active involvement in their education. Attendance increases, motivation is fueled, test scores improve, grades are higher and education is more meaningful.

The PTA Membership of St. John’s High School is open to any parent who wants to be involved in the welfare of our school ecosystem. PTA elections are announced in the beginning of every Academic year, with all PTA representatives being elected democratically in the General Body Meeting.

Our PTA keeps parents involved and children focused, by creating a seamless channel of communication and action driven by a shared vision and mission.