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Interactive Class

“Leaders don’t create followers. They create more leaders.”

- Tom Peters

‘Hard’ and ‘smart’ work go hand in hand today. Efficiency, accuracy and digitalization are the mood of the hour. To achieve this, we have made sustained efforts towards creating ‘Smart Classes’ that are interactive and have been adapted to contemporary teaching methods.

Value-add sessions, workshops and trainings are incorporated to make the learning process more practical and engaging. These different modules greatly enhance the knowledge that students take-away, making for a holistic and broad-minded outlook.


“Tech gives the quietest student a voice”

- Jerry Blumengarten


Our Math Lab is a drop-in study centre designed to help students develop an affinity towards Math, discover their mathematical abilities and gain a healthy curiosity towards the infinite possibilities the subject offers.

With great mathematical equipment available, students learn to overcome math anxiety and open up to various stimuli that help them understand and apply mathematical principles. We have observed that it has been greatly effective in creating a sense of wonder and appreciation towards the subject, particularly in the high-school and senior students.


Our school prides itself in three dedicated Science Labs, one for each of the main streams of Physics, Chemistry and Biology. These well-stocked and fully-equipped laboratories provide avenues for experimentation, demonstration, observation and research for students, inculcating in them a keen scientific temper.

The emphasis lies on invoking their latent curiosity to knowledge, along with establishing a strong experiential correlation between theory and practical knowledge.


The well-equipped Geography laboratory of the school contains globes, maps, charts and models to add visual aids and a deeper understanding of topographies, compositions, climate studies and the earth.


Our state-of-the-art Computer laboratory is equipped with 48 computers with the latest software and hardware in accordance with the prescribed ICSE curriculum. With a student-computer ratio of 1:1, we are focused on every individual gaining the maximum hands-on expertise under the able guidance of the Computer teachers.


“Children have to be educated, but they have also to be left to educate themselves”

- Ernest Dimnet

Our well-stocked library of more than 10,000 books, periodicals, AV, CDs and newspapers offers a host of healthy reading options for our students. Weekly reading hours under supervision encourages the cultivation of regular reading as a habit, cultivating literary skills, awareness and a maturity among students.

Hobby and Sports

“Nothing lights up a child’s brain like play.”

- Dr. Stuart Brown

Our integrated curriculum features sports and physical activities within the school working hours, with students offered Swimming, Skating, Dance, Music, Taekwondo, Drama, Netball, Table-tennis, Cricket, Basket Ball among others.

Over the last decade, St. John’s High School has produced impressive sporting talent who have won laurels for the school at competitions of various levels. Our ample playground is the perfect retreat for students during recess and play-periods, with sporting equipment and demarcated sport zones.


“Education’s purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one.”

- Malcolm Forbes

The Multipurpose Hall in school is yet another open space for cultural and literary events, bringing together from different sections and classes onto a common platform.